Ultimate Crypto Wealth Guide

Market Meditations | August 9, 2022

The Starters Guide to Market Meditations

Dear Meditators

🌍 We’ve spent 1000+ hours building hundreds of cryptocurrency guides to help our readers build wealth.

Now you can find them all in one place with this clear step by step guide to all aspects of crypto.

🔑 Don’t worry about learning it all at once. Consistency is key, so just commit to 20 mins per week and you’ll be one step closer to building wealth.

🔥 How To Use This Guide

  1. Pick a topic you want to learn more about. E.g. ‘Bitcoin’
  2. Click any article that piques your interest (each article should be no longer than a 5 minute read). E.g. ‘Beginners Guide to Owning Cryptocurrency’
  3. Come back to this page every week to learn a little bit more.
  4. Remember consistency is key🔑

Note: If you spot this 🧘 yogi, this indicates our best guides (in our humble opinion).

*Last updated on 25th January*

🌍 Bitcoin

💡 Altcoin 101s

🌐 DeFi 

💰 Passive Income

🎭 NFTs 

🎮 Gaming and The Metaverse

✅ Taking Profit

🔮 Fundamental Analysis 

📈 Technical Analysis 

📉 Finding Your Trading Style

🏆 Levelling Up Your Trading Style

🕯 Candlestick Patterns 



💸Smart Money

🕳️Layer One Analysis

🪙Coin Analysis

🧑‍🌾Yield Farms

🔐 Cryptocurrency Security

🔖 Taxes

⏳ Investing & Portfolio Management

📚 Book Reviews (Organised by the last name of authors)

🤝 Personal Finance

🧠 Behavioural Finance 

💤 Self-Improvement

🎧 Podcast Summaries